91 Bradford Street

91 Bradford Street.

Text last updated on 24 July 2016 | If the Acadian diaspora had a headquarters in Provincetown (unlikely as that all sounds), it would have been 91 Bradford, home for many years of the D’Entremont family, which came from the town of Pubnico in Nova Scotia, founded in 1653 by Philippe Mius d’Entremont, when the land was within the territory of Nouvelle-France. Orelle “Orville” D’Entremont (1882-1978) was born in Pubnico and emigrated to Provincetown. Here, in 1917, he married Beatrice Martins (1876-1970). They shared their home with Isabel (Martins) D’Entremont (1914-2006). She was not their daughter but a niece, whose own parents, Albert A. Martins (1873-1923) and Sara (Ghens) Martins (1871-1915), died when Isabel was a child. Isabel worked as the secretary to the superintendent of schools in Provincetown and sang in the choir of the Church of St. Mary of the Harbor. The home was sold a year after she died, to Bernard D. Braham.

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91 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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