34 Bradford Street

Cabral’s Market

Manuel Souza, Mary (Prada) Cabral, and Manuel Cabral outside Cabral’s Market, 34 Bradford Street. Undated. [Courtesy of Joseph Andrews]

Manuel Cabral tending the store at Cabral’s Market. Undated. [Courtesy of Joseph Andrews]

Manuel Cabral, left, outside Cabral’s Market. Undated, though the license plate is from the 1930s. [Courtesy of Joseph Andrews]

Advertisement in the Advocate of 18 August 1949. [Provincetown Public Library / Community History Archive]

Cabral’s Market, with 32 Bradford Street partly visible in the left background. Undated. [Lisa King / Facebook / My Grandfathers Provincetown / 7 July 2017]

A 1938 street atlas showed the market (highlighted) on what is today a side yard. [Provincetown, Barnstable County, Massachusetts, Sanborn Map Company, February 1938, Plate 4, Town Document Center, Sanborn Historic Land Maps]

Some ornamental paving stones from the front of the market building have survived — like those around the old A&P at 120 Commercial Street. The boots are those of the photographer. [2016, Dunlap]

In what is now a side yard at No. 34 stood a one-story market run by Manuel Cabral (1904-1975) and Mary (Prada) Cabral (1906-1978), who lived in the main house next door. The store was up and running no later than 1937. Cabral was succeeded in 1959 by Phillip and Elaine Cabral. Anthony Silva purchased the business in 1966. “They had a charge account, which was very helpful for the fisherman, etc., as they did not get paid weekly,” Paul Mendes recalled in 2023. The market later moved 42 Bradford Street.

Susan Leonard wrote on 26 May 2010: Phillip and Elaine Cabral ran it when they purchased the store in 1959 from Manny Cabral. It was already Cabral’s Market when they bought it.

Richard Vizard wrote on 17 December 2013: Cabral’s Market was directly to the left of 34 Bradford (in the yard between 34 Bradford and 32 Bradford). 34 Bradford was always a standalone house. My great-grandparents, Mary and Manny Cabral, lived at 34 Bradford, along with my grandmother, Barbara Cabral Oppen. After my great-grandmother’s passing, my parents (Bonnie Oppen and Joel Vizard) moved into the house in 1978. My great-grandparents, Mary and Manny Cabral, acquired 34 Bradford from my great-grandmother Mary’s father, Manuel Prada.

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In memoriam

• Manuel Cabral (1904-1975)

Find a Grave Memorial No. 106712732.

• Mary (Prada) Cabral (1906-1978)

Find a Grave Memorial No. 106712786.

34 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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