33 Bradford Street

Montello-Bradford Parking Lot | Alternately 10-12 Montello Street

The Montello-Bradford Parking Lot is at the center of the aerial image. The large structure above it is the Mussel Beach Health Club, which is under common ownership. [Apple Maps]

Some time after the house that is now at 39 Ships Way Road was moved to its current location, this corner lot was converted into what is now a 30-space parking lot. I believe it was owned at the time of conversion by Barbara C. Oppen and Richard A. Oppen. They sold the parcel to Stephen J. Boggess for $500,000 in 1986 — just a year before the stock market crashed. He sold it in 1995 for $378,700 to the Bradford-Montello Realty Trust, managed by William P. Dougal, the co-owner of the Mussel Beach Health Club on the other side of Montello Street.

33 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

Also at this address

Main house (now at 39 Ships Way Road)

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