284-284A Bradford Street

284 Bradford Street. [2013, Dunlap]

Untitled (Provincetown), by Kenneth Stubbs (1962). [Provincetown Art Association and Museum]

Text last updated in 2015 | There are few townscapes as joyfully expressive as the works of Kenneth Stubbs (1907-1967), who attended the Corcoran School of Art before coming to town in the 1930s to study with his friend E. Ambrose Webster. In 1960, Stubbs and his wife, Miriam, bought this property, originally part of a farm, from Mischa and Helen Richter. Stubbs died in 1967 but the family still owns the small compound. The main house was built around 1900. A garage was converted into Stubbs’s studio and is now one of two cottages that the family rents out, mostly to artists, like Billy Jarecki. In the wetlands out back are traces of a pond that drew ice-skaters two or three generations ago, Miriam told me. [Update: Miriam Stubbs died in 2019, at 99, in her home at Seashore Point, 100 Alden Street.]

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284-284A Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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