262B Bradford Street

262B Bradford Street in 2010. [Town Assessor / Key 3400]

Text last updated on 23 January 2022 | No. 262B is set well beyond the cluster of small homes at No. 262A; so far back on a former “great lot,” in fact, that it’s just about as close to Route 6 as it is to Bradford Street. The 2,016-square-foot house was constructed in 1966, when the property was owned by Mika Marinkovich. The 1.156-acre property was purchased in 2010 by Morris Kafka-Holzschlag, whose illuminating history follows below.

Mo Kafka wrote on 22 January 2022: According to Sal Del Deo, neighbor to the west, Mr. Marinkovich was a Chechen who fought the Nazis on horseback in World War II. Marcia Basine (who along with her husband Joe were the second owners) said that Marinkovich was a concentration camp survivor. He was a “New York businessman” and built this house as his getaway.

About 1973, the open area under the cantilevered upper-level living room and half of the deck was enclosed to create an apartment for one of the Marinkoviches’ parents. At the same time, a sun room was built on the portion of the deck above the addition. These were done in the same simple modernist style as the original construction. An oversized detached garage far behind the house was constructed close in time to the house, as was a smaller shed. Dragan Marin (shortening of Marinkovich) was noted as the owner in 1970.

By the time the Basines purchased the home in 1992, the rear of the lower section had been converted into a third apartment. The house yet retains its original architectural features intact, including beamed vaulted ceilings and a prominent wall and large fireplace made of reused brick, said by the Basines to have been salvaged from a nearby ice house. The house sits on well over an acre and is on one of the highest elevations in the neighborhood.

¶ Republished on 17 October 2023.

262B Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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