23 Bradford Street

23 Bradford Street Condominium

23 Bradford Street Condominium. [2011, Dunlap]

[2016, Dunlap]

[2018, Dunlap]

The unusual projecting bay at No. 23 is not constructed over the public way, but is rather within the property line. Lorraine Eunice (White) Rego sold the house in 2002 for $481,000 to James McDermott and Ann Y. McDermott of Boston. They converted it over the next two years into a three-unit condo.

Christina Pazzanese wrote on 28 August 2018: There was never a “sidewalk” to overhang because there isn’t one on this side of the street. What little there is runs from Franklin Street to the driveway edge, along the green metal railing, and does not pick up again until well past Liz’s Cafe. There is some cement in front of this structure that was the basement entrance when it was a single-family home. It was raised and converted to 3-unit condominium in 2003-2004.

23 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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