20 Bangs Street

Main house at 20 Bangs Street. [2008, Dunlap]

Even from the outside, there seems to be an artistic sensibility to the house at No. 2. It is owned by the artist Joe Trepiccione. The Provincetown Artist Registry had this to say about him: “Fascinated with the broad open landscapes that are the Province Lands and its structures, Joe Trepiccione’s paintings are truly inspired by the beauty of the outer Cape. The paintings offer a vast array of color, light and depth of earth and sky. Yet they are comfortable, and controlled and pull the viewer in and beyond to the horizon. Trained in the Old Masters style, Joe Trepiccione captures the tranquillity and openness of the land with a palette of russet, amber, yellow ochre and hues of green. The viewer is transfixed by the dynamics of the sky — you can almost see the clouds moving over this varied topography. This is a body of work that beckons you to come, explore and experience the wonder and beauty. Joe Trepiccione graduated from Paier College of Art/The Whitney School of Art, New Haven, Conn., where he studied the classic arts and specialized in the field of children’s book illustration.”

Jane F. Gallagher wrote on 24 September 2014: 20 Bangs Street was the residence of Mary Anne McMahon Murchison and her husband, Powell Murchison, for decades before they moved into the chauffeur’s building at 2 Commercial Street. Some years later, Powell lived into “the big house.” The intriguing thing about this house was that the second story had rooms around an open center, almost like an indoors “widow’s walk.” This allowed the ground floor to be open to the roof and the home felt much larger.

[2008, Dunlap]

20 Bangs Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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