92 Atkins Mayo Road

Conservation Land 4 is outlined in red. It abuts John Eder’s two parcels at Nos. 86R and 88. The dotted line shows where Eder’s house stood until 2019.

Conservation Land 4 (Provincetown Conservation Trust). Robert and Rebecca Patterson donated this 0.24-acre parcel to the Provincetown Conservation Trust in May 1998. It abuts the Eder Property at 86R-88 Atkins Mayo Road, which was acquired by the Town in 2021 as conservation land. Taken together, the Patterson and Eder parcels create a 0.93-acre green “spur” off the adjoining Old Colony Nature Pathway. The trust describes Conservation Land 4 as a maple swamp.

“The area is full of Cape Cod scrub pine, white pine, birch, oak, and — of course — maple trees. Visitors to the site will also find swamp azaleas and lady slippers,” the trust said on its website. “Animals recorded here have included red-tail hawks, long-eared owls, and a variety of migratory birds, including rusty blackbird, red-throated warbler, and Townsend’s warbler.”

92 Atkins Mayo Road on the Town Map, showing property lines.

¶ Last updated 4 January 2022.

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