87 Bradford Street

Pirates Garden Condominium

87 Bradford Street. [2009, Dunlap]

[2009, Dunlap]

Text last updated on 23 July 2016 | Irving S. Rogers (b±1910), the director of the Department of Public Welfare from 1952 to 1966, was described by The Advocate as “a prime mover” in the conversion of the Cape End Manor — the forerunner of Seashore Point — from a town infirmary to a public medical institution. He lived here with his wife, Mildred T. Rogers (b±1916), a laboratory technician at the Manor, until 1966, when they retired to Mesa, Ariz. Eve Etta Annenberg and Matthew Charles Jacobs own the house now. Manuel Souza (±1902-1965), a carpenter known for his ship models, lived at No. 87A.

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87 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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