67R Bayberry Avenue

Provincetown Conservation Trust lands (Also 12 Pilgrim Heights Road)

Conservation Trust lands at 67R Bayberry and 12 Pilgrim Heights Road are connected through a Town-owned property at 12R Pilgrim Heights. The northern neck, where the “67R” label is shown, cuts through Bayberry Hollow Farm.

In February 1992, this 8.55-acre wooded swamp was given to the Provincetown Conservation Trust by Max Finkel, Paul McGowan, and other members of the McGowan family, creating a verdant heart in the middle of the Meadowview Heights subdivision. At the time, the conservation trustees amounted to a who’s who of Old Provincetown. They included Phillip Alexander, William Fitts, Roslyn Garfield, Ruth Hiebert, Conrad Malicoat, Munro Moore and Heaton Vorse.

Through a Town-owned intermediate parcel numbered 12R Pilgrim Heights Road, this wooded swamp connects with more woodlands owned by the Provincetown Conservation Trust at 12 Pilgrim Heights Road. That is the only direct access to the interior from a roadway. Otherwise, the preserve is ringed by private properties.

The northern “neck” of the property, directly behind 67 Bayberry Avenue, cuts through Bayberry Hollow Farm, the remnant of Galeforce Farm, isolating a one-acre corner of the farm from the rest of that property.

Sign at the Pilgrim Heights Road entrance. [2008, Dunlap]

[2013, Dunlap]

67R Bayberry Avenue on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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