6 Atwood Avenue

Garden at 6 Atwood Avenue. [2010, Dunlap]

Former Garden at 6 Atwood Avenue. The O’Donnell family were longtime residents of this house (c1850), set off Atwood Avenue by an expansive front lawn. Listed here in 1940 were John O’Donnell and Richard O’Donnell, both fishermen. Marian O’Donnell later ran it as O’Donnell’s Guest House, cited in the 1992 Complete Guide to Provincetown as a “beautifully kept” accommodation in an “exquisite setting.” Winifred Terrat and George Terrat acquired the property that year and renamed it — appropriately — as the Garden at 6 Atwood Avenue. They sold it in 2016 to residents of West Roxbury who reconstructed the proprerty extensively in 2018. The main house bears little resemblance to the 2010 photograph above.

Old insurance atlases refer to this spur as Atwood’s Court, and to the eastern spur as Atwood’s Avenue.

Jill Pires wrote on 23 July 2011: Six Atwood is where my Mother grew up with her siblings. I also have a house on Nickerson Street in which my great-grandmother lived — absolutely lovely little cottage — years ago.

[2009, Dunlap]

View from the eastern spur of Atwood. [2011, Dunlap]

[2011, Dunlap]

6 Atwood Avenue on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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