6 Atlantic Avenue

6 Atlantic Avenue. [2012, Dunlap]

Former Christine’s Lodge. Built between 1910 and 1930 in Craftsman style, 6 Atlantic Avenue was — at least from the mid-’50s through the mid-’70s — Christine’s Lodge, a well-known rooming house run by Christine Cabral (b1898). Cabral’s daughter, Elizabeth Jane Adams (1922-2005), would go on to run Adams’ Rooms at 85 Bradford Street.

[2011, Dunlap]

Brenda Dean wrote on 2 August 2020: Brenda Dean and Jill Smith purchased 6 Atlantic Ave on 6 January 1999 from the heirs of Christine Cabral. Jane, the eldest daughter, was still living in the house until shortly before we moved to town. Ruby, the middle child, told us she remembered living in the house across the street and watching their new home being built. We were told it was completed in 1928. Frank, the youngest child, was in his late 60s when we bought their home. He and his wife were living in Tarzana, Calif., when we met them, but they would always drop by for a visit when they were in town for some special occasion. Frank would tell us stories about his many adventures while growing up in Ptown.

When we moved in, several of the owners on the street were Ptown natives. Edie Palheiro at 9 Atlantic was born and grew up at 12 Atlantic, and then she and her husband bought and moved to 9 Atlantic after they married. During one of our many morning chats, Edie told me she had never even been “over the bridge.” Down the street at 5½ Atlantic [now 3 Atlantic Avenue] lived Donald Thomas, the “Dancing Policeman,” and his wife. Donald was quite the celebrity in town. And next door to them was “Aunt” Ruth Cook O’Donnell. Her home was the place where family and friends gathered daily until shortly before she passed away. Ruth was known for her delicious breads and other wonderful food. Often we would arrive home to find that Ruth had dropped a loaf of warm banana bread just inside our front door.

We learned so much from these special people who are no longer with us. After living here for over 20 years now, we feel fortunate to be the second owners of the Cabrals’ home at 6 Atlantic.

6 Atlantic Avenue on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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