5 Bradford Street Extension

Village at the Moors Condominium, Building 1

Building 1 at the Village at the Moors. [2009, Dunlap]

A three-building, eight-unit condo complex cannot replace the beloved Moors restaurant, but it does occupy the same location, overlooking the wetlands. This particular three-apartment structure was built in 2003, according to Town records. The units are owned by residents of Jamaica Plain and Washington. The biggest qualified sale in the property occurred in 2019, when Unit B sold for $925,000.

The Moors was founded and operated the Costa family until 1998, when they sold the property for $500,000 to Kimberly M. and John Medeiros. They continued the business a few more years. In early 2002, John E. Ciluzzi brokered a $1.9 million sale to the developer Robert Bradley of Marlborough, doing business as Race Point Residence L.L.C. By June, the Banner reported, rubble was all that was left of the Moors.

Well, not exactly. You can still see the large 19th-century anchor that fouled the nylon netting of the dragger New England, Capt. George Valentine, around Pollock Rip off Chatham in September 1959. This was roughly where Cap’n Bill, Capt. George Adams, had several days earlier found the anchor that is now the centerpiece of Lopes Square. Captain Valentine and his crew — Anthony Joseph, Chris Kelly, Jack Papetsas, Joseph Souza — managed to get their anchor on deck and steam home, despite the fact that it weighed at least a ton. (The captain estimated two tons.) They sold the extraordinary artifact to Costa, who had it placed prominently outside the Moors. Together with a large steel mooring ball buoy, the anchor still — um — anchors the intersection of Bradford Street Extension and Province Lands Road.

An anchor that greeted patrons of the Moors is still in place. [2016, Dunlap]

Building 1 is at the right in this aerial photo. [2010, Dunlap]

[2011, Dunlap]

5 Bradford Street Extension on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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