4 Anthony Street

Unit A of the 4 Anthony Street Condominium. [2014, Dunlap]

4 Anthony Street Condominium (Unit A). A marvelous shotgun marriage of two early 19th-century houses, 4 Anthony Street is now under condominium ownership. The blue, three-quarter Cape on the left has been owned since 2007 by a couple from McLean, Va. The long, white house on the right has been owned since 2013 by a New Yorker.

4 Anthony Street in 1976. [Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory, 1973-1977: Provincetown’s East End / Provincetown Public Library]

Unit A at left, Unit B at right. [2011, Dunlap]

Three years later. [2014, Dunlap]

4 Anthony Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

Also at this address

Unit B.

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