34 Alden Street

34 Alden Street. [2012, Dunlap]

The lovely picket of cedar trees along the Alden Street boundary of Town Cemetery was the work of Joseph E. Souza Jr. (1913-2005), who was long a resident of this house, with his wife, Evelyn (Curran) Souza (1913-1998), who was descended from the restless pilgrim Stephen Hopkins. (He had already been to America and back when he sailed on Mayflower.) Souza’s parents were Joseph P. and Mary (Carreiro) Souza. He worked as a fisherman, was employed by the Cape Cod Cold Storage and the Department of Public Works, and served as a cemetery groundskeeper, suggesting that he had an especially short commute to work. The Souzas’ son, Peter, lived at 28 Alden Street for a time.

34 Alden Street on the Town Map.

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