312-320R Bradford Street

Malicoat compound | Philip Malicoat studio

Philip Malicoat’s studio. [2018, Dunlap]

[2010, Dunlap]

[2018, Dunlap]

Text last updated on 14 December 2016 | Provincetown is exceptionally lucky in retaining so many of the studios in which its greatest artists have worked. Philip Malicoat’s studio with its grand north-light window bay, is in the first ranks. It is now used by his granddaughter Robena Malicoat. A fuller description of the compound’s history can be found in the entry for the earlier main residence at 312-320R Bradford Street.

¶ Republished on 5 November 2023.

312-320R Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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