264-270A Bradford Street

Peg + Dick Open Studios | Formerly Rodolfo’s Studio (No. 270)

270 Bradford Street. [2014, Dunlap]

[2011, Dunlap]

[2011, Dunlap]

Contrary to my map, Peg + Dick uses the address No. 270.

Text last updated on 18 October 2023 | A three-car garage next to the main house was converted long ago into a studio. Residents of the last decade and a half have included Walter S. Ford, a retiree; Frank Salles III, a snack bar manager; Joyce E. Salles, who worked in advertising; Josephine Wood, a postal clerk; Susan Leonard, a chiropractor; Theo (Cozzi) Poulin, a restaurant manager; and Randolph J. Poulin. According to the sign that used to be out front, Rodolfo’s Studio was established in 1968. I must reluctantly confess that I don’t know who “Rodolfo” is.

Peg + Dick Open Studios, under the proprietorship of the painter Karen Cappotto, opened here on 6 July 2019. (Here’s the Facebook invitation.)

¶ Republished on 18 October 2023.

270 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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