26 Aunt Sukey’s Way

Conservation Land 9, administered by the Provincetown Conservation Trust, is shown by the red outline. It abuts the Hawthorne Wildlife Sanctuary, at No. 15.

Conservation Land 9 (Provincetown Conservation Trust). Miriam (Martin) Collinson, the wife, partner, and survivor of the developer Robert Elisha Collinson (1920-1978), donated this 0.32-acre upland and wetland tract to the Provincetown Conservation Trust in December 2001. It abuts the Hawthorne Wildlife Sanctuary, 15 Aunt Sukey’s Way.

“Large maple trees, oak trees, a variety of swamp ferns, and lady slippers abound here,” the trust said on its website. “A plethora of migratory birds have been found on the property, as well as rare sightings of owls and red-tail hawks.”

26 Aunt Sukey’s Way on the Town Map, showing property lines.

¶ Last updated on 19 January 2022.

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