243 Bradford Street

Silver Leaf Cottage

243 Bradford Street. [Town Assessor / Key 3353]

Text last updated on 16 November 2016 | Silver Leaf was the name given by Helen Carr Wood (b ±1874) to this cottage, which she owned until 1945. In that period, at least two businesses were conducted here: Jack and Jill Sweets in the 1930s and a plumbing concern run by her son, Wesley W. Wood. Her daughter, Mildred, married the playwright Elmer Greensfelder. Her civic good works are remembered in the name of the Mildred Greensfelder Playground, 211½ Bradford Street. Isabel Foley Whelan bought the property in 1945. It is still owned by her daughter, Dr. Janet R. Whelan. An abstract expressionist painter, William Hegelheimer (b±1927), lived here in the 1960s with his wife, Frances Hegelheimer (b±1936), a secretary.

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243 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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