216B Bradford Street

216B Bradford Street. [2013, Dunlap]

Text last updated on 7 November 2016 | About 200 feet from the road stands this 1956 house, with what appear to be large jalousie windows. The property was owned from 1924 to 1954 by Almeda Caton (b ±1874). She sold it to Dorothy (Alexander) “Dot” Paulman (±1917-2000) and Walter “Cookie” Paulman (d 1998), who apparently built the house, to judge from the dates. It was acquired in 2010 from Mrs. Paulman’s estate by the photographer Mischa Richter and his wife, Dolly (Wells) Richter, the co-creator, co-writer, and co-star of the British TV comedy Doll & Em.

¶ Republished on 7 October 2023.

216B Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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