21 Bradford Street Extension

The two red ghost outlines in the upper left — superimposed on the plan of Herring Cove Village — show where two cottages once stood. (The red and green ghosts in the center show the location of the tennis clubhouse and courts.)

Between Bradford Street Extension and Hawthorne Bissell’s Tennis Courts stood two cottages with eight seasonal rental apartments between them. Their fate was sealed in early 2007 when the Historic District Commission approved the Herring Cove Village plan submitted by the developers James E. Watkins and David Krohn of Boston, doing business as WK Red Clay L.L.C. (a nod to Bissell’s red clay courts). “Although the property is not in the designated historic district, the commission could have held up the demolition for 60 days to give it time to research the two cottages — which are estimated at 60- and 40-years-old respectively — to determine if they had any historical significance,” Pru Sowers explained in the Banner of 5 April 2007.

21 Bradford Street Extension on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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