21 Bangs Street

21 Bangs Street. [2012, Dunlap]

This gambrel-roofed house was once the home of Florence M. Johnson (b1894), who was listed in 1936 as the guardian of James W. Johnson, a military veteran and an “insane person,” and 1943 as the sister of Phillip Cabral. The property has been owned since 1993 by a resident of Boston.

[2012, Dunlap]

21 Bangs Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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  1. Bangs Street was the original land/town boundary with Truro. I believe a Thomas Small orihinally owned, then sold his property to Isabella Nickelson about 1817, she built the first part of the house. Posdible a “Half Cape”. Originally this home had a regular roof, the Gambrel added later. The Living room area added about 1840, then a summer kitchen with a vaulted ceiling about 1909. Another structure added to the back provided the indoor plumbing. How do I know, this and other things ? I am a previous owner, Jan Morgan. I spent $50,000 restoring this home. I had installed the first universal (gas ) heating system. Before the heat came from two wood stoves. Many more projects. The new owner, does have a complete history of this house, built in 1817, as I gave him that info. But my age (now 76) has created a frew memory issues…lol. But he can give you a copy of that report I’m sure for your website. One last thought, when we tore into some walls it was apparent that one of the early owners, those who expanded the original home filled in the walls by using cloth wall paper, placed between the posts and beams (these, wood structures,as I was told, by George Bryant), this wood was re-used from one of the old windmills). This use of cloth wallpaper did two things, stopped sand from blowing into the home, and, gave decoration to this new extension, this new room, possibly the second of three Kitchens. We found the original fireplace, the first kitchen, by opening up a wall on the south side….. If I can find those photos, I would be happy to send them along to you, if you share your name and addresse. mjan79735@gmail.com

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