19R Bradford Street Extension

19R Bradford Street Extension. [2016, Dunlap]

Besides the fact that No. 19R occurs slightly out of order, coming after 21 Bradford Street Extension, it claims the further unusual distinction of having once been part of the enormous Delft Haven parcel at 10 Commercial Street, which Ralph Snow Carpenter acquired from Ursula Tully Thompson in 1945. This part of the land — an old cranberry bog — was undeveloped at the time. The building lot was broken off from surrounding lands in 1994 by James K. Downey and sold for $56,000 to Georgette L. Trullo and Randall A. “Randy” Trullo, the one-time general manager of the Mussell Beach Health Club, owned by his cousin, Richard J. “Rick” Murray. The house was constructed that year, according to Town records. Trullo married Ellen Marie Ryder in 2000, the same year they sold this house for $385,000. The most recent purchasers, residents of Trumansburg, N.Y., paid $1.1 million for the property in 2020.

19R Bradford Street Extension on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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