199 Bradford Street

199 Bradford Street. [2009, Dunlap]

Text last updated on 24 May 2020 | The artists Mischa Richter (1910-2001) and Helen (Sinclair Annand) Richter (1912-1992) bought this property and the abutting lot at 8 Cook Street in 1960 from Francis E. Valentine and his wife Viola A. Valentine. They owned it until 1964, when they broke it off from 8 Cook Street and sold it to Luene and Kenneth Gibbs Gregory. That was also the year that Bonnie Glasgow (b 1940) moved in, renting from the new owners. She bought the property outright in 1983. Glasgow worked at the Provincetown Inn for 22 years, and also at the Flagship restaurant, Marine Specialties, and Shankpainter Printing.

Darrell Smith wrote on 18 December 2015: See “Hoarding Leads to Condemnation of Bradford Street Residence,” by Peter J. Brown, Provincetown Banner, 17 December 2015.

Polly Burnell wrote on 16 February 2016: Like so many houses in the East End, this one has a connection to Eugene O’Neill; in 1921 it was the residence of Fifine Clark, the beloved governess of Shane, and later Oona. She and the house are mentioned in a letter from Eugene to Mrs. Edmund T. Quinn, wife of the sculptor, and family friend in New York City. Dated April 1, 1921 –

“Dear Mrs. Quinn, I crave a favor of you. April 12th will mark the third anniversary of Agnes’ and my matrimony, and I want to make her a present upon said date. A kimono seems to be what she most desires. Now I know naught of kimonos and can gain no experience of them in P’town shops, to which they are equally foreign. So will you pick one out for her in New York? I hate to trouble you thus, but you are the only one I can appeal to with any confidence in the result. You know her tastes, size, what would be becoming to her, etc.

“Of course, all this is to be a dead secret, a stunning surprise. When you write me about it address the letter not to me, but to Mrs. Fifine Clark, 199 Bradford St., Provincetown, and have the kimono sent to her. This lady, our dame of all work, I have taken into my confidence and she will see that the matter is kept hidden from Agnes.”

The letter continues with details about cost, etc., and salutations to her and her husband, etc. The source is from “Selected Letters of Eugene O’Neil”, and the original, I believe, is at Yale.

¶ Republished on 1 October 2023.

199 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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