18 Bangs Street

Building 1

Building 1 at 18 Bangs Street. [2012, Dunlap]

Like No. 17 across the street, this property was in the hands of one family for a long time. Charles Joseph DeRiggs Jr. (1931-1980), a mail truck driver and Town selectman, and his wife, Alberta Fannie “Lena” (Paine) DeRiggs (1932-2014), owned it at least as early as 1962, if not earlier. Their children — Alberta F. DeRiggs, Kathryn E. DeRiggs, and Stephen C. DeRiggs became part owners. The DeRiggs family sold the property in 2017 to 18 Bangs Street L.L.C., managed by Lyn A. Plummer. Building 1 faces Bangs Street with a broad and deep front porch.

18 Bangs Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

Also at this address

Building 2.

Building 3.

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