168 Bradford Street Extension

Sleepy Hollow Condominium I

One of three nearly identical units of the Sleepy Hollow Condominium I. [2021, Dunlap]

Contrasting Google Map aerial views of the Sleepy Hollow project site show how the residential density had increased from 2016 to 2022. The three buildings numbered 168 were the first phase of the development. [Google]

[2021, Dunlap]

Five large single-family homes lining the easement running between Bradford Street Extension and Creek Road are known officially as Sleepy Hollow. But they could just as well be called Victorville, as could much of the surrounding neighborhood, in which Victor DePoalo — proprietor of Victor’s restaurant — has been a singular development force. The westernmost three houses (each one a condominium unit) carry the street address 168 and were the first phase of the Sleepy Hollow condo project, begun in 2019 by DePoalo and Pavel Fiodarau, doing business as PV Development L.L.C. (The second phase is called Sleepy Hollow Condominium II.)

168 Bradford Street Extension on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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