14R Brown Street

B-Street Garden | Browne Street Community Garden and Conservation Park

B-Street Garden. [2018, Dunlap]

[B-Street Garden Advisory Group]

B-Street Garden. [2019, Dunlap]

B-Street Garden. [2018, Dunlap]

Text last updated on 11 February 2020 | Reachable over a 12-foot-wide easement between Nos. 8 and 14 Brown Street is a world of community gardening: the B-Street Garden, which opened on 1 May 2010. “Not only a gathering spot for locals with an interest in growing their own food and flowers, but also an environmental education resource and a town hangout,” Steve Desroches wrote in Provincetown Magazine in 2010. “Think the Pilgrim Bark Park, but for plants.” There are 60 individual plots on its 2.29 acres (all are spoken for), along with a beehive, composting bins, and a shed with a solar collector that runs the water pump. The garden plots occupy only about one-quarter of the total acreage. Under the bylaws, gardeners pay an annual membership fee of $30 ($15 for those over age 55) and must be Massachusetts residents. The garden was constructed with money and materials donated by local businesses and individuals, and the hands of AmeriCorps Cape Cod. It is owned by the Town of Provincetown Conservation Commission and run by the B-Street Garden Advisory Group, headed by David Hale.

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14R Brown Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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