135 Bradford Street

Bradford Corner Condominium | Provincetown Dental Arts | Formerly Fine Arts Work Center

135 Bradford Street. [2009, Dunlap]

Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, A Winter Community for Young Artists and Writers: October 1970 – May 1971. [Courtesy of the Fine Arts Work Center]

Text last updated on 18 July 2018 | Once owned by the New Haven Railroad, whose tracks ran right by, this was the home of the stationmaster, A. E. Slade. It served as the first, ramshackle Fine Arts Work Center from 1969 to 1972, before the center moved to 24 Pearl Street. (Some of the early fellows are seen in the photo.) Commercial tenants have included the Cheshire Cats clothing boutique; the restaurants Meetinghouse, Cape Inn, Different Ducks, and Tropical Joe’s, where the Kinsey Sicks played; the Cyber Cove and Mail Spot Express business centers; Neal Kimball of Kimball Residential Design, who bought and restored the original section of the building in 2006; and, currently, Dr. Scott A. Allegretti’s Provincetown Dental Arts and Richard Campbell’s Artist-Loft, an art supply store. The building is reportedly haunted, said Susan Leonard, who used to work there. It was turned into a condo in 2004 by Anthony P. Elio of Osterville.

Roger Green wrote on 20 June 2014: Provincetown Dental currently occupies an office at 135 Bradford Street and has a picture showing what I believe was a restaurant there at one time called the Cape Inn. To the best of my knowledge, it came after a lengthy time the building was unoccupied once the prior business, also a restaurant called the Meetinghouse had left. The dental office is trying to figure out the year it was there. Thanks to this site, I was able to get more history but nothing is available on the picture the dentist office has.

Dieter Groll wrote on 7 December 2014: This building is also said to have housed a speakeasy during the days of Prohibition.

Richard Campbell wrote on 18 July 2018: After opening the Artist-Loft, Provincetown’s current art supply store, in 2013 at 135 Bradford Street, the original home of the Fine Arts Work Center, I was told I had big shoes to fill, those of Jim Forsberg.

Rob Michaels wrote on 17 December 2022: I got Tropical Joe’s into the building. Joe did a great job renovating the original building, which still had post-and-beam construction. Joe hired Peter Donnelly to run the upstairs space as a cabaret. It’s where Zoë Lewis had Ilona make her cabaret debut at age 90-plus.

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135 Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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