125 Bradford Street Extension

Condominiums at the Dunes | Formerly Dunes Motel and Apartment

Condominiums at the Dunes. [2008, Dunlap]

1989 advertisement.

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The Dunes condo occupies the northernmost lot of the Blue Barga Hill subdivision created in 1954 by Albert Muldavin. (Much of the rest of the subdivision became the site of the Gordon family’s Chateau motel, 105 Bradford Street Extension.)

As the Dunes Motel, it was under the management in the mid-1960s of Henry S. Rose, also known as Henry Rosenzweig, and his wife, Rose Rosenzweig. Henry Rose lost the property in 1967, when it was auctioned off.

The Dunes Motel and Apartments had eight motel rooms and five apartment bedrooms, as low as $49 a night in 2003. “Provincetown lodging at affordable rates,” Damron Accommodations said. “From comfortable, cozy pine-paneled Cape Cod-styled rooms to spacious apartments and suites, nestled on a quiet hillside.”

Victor Carmen DePoalo (father), Barbara F. DePoalo (mother), and Victor DePoalo (son) acquired the property in 2005 for $2.2 million. The next year, they created the condominium, with seven units in four buildings. Among the former residents are Mark S. Petteruti and Robert J. Martin Jr., the proprietors of the Botanica shop at 374 Commercial Street. Petteruti told me that Building 1 of the complex is largely the original Dunes structure.

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125 Bradford Street Extension on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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