12 Atwood Avenue

12 Atwood Avenue Condominium, main building. [0000, Dunlap]

12 Atwood Avenue Condominium (Main building, Unit 1). It is hard to imagine the sorrows of this house, a Long Point “floater” at its heart, in the mid-20th century. November 1941 saw the death of Richard E. Meads, the 14-year-old son of Jesse and Mary Roza Meads. Their 17-year-old daughter, Lorraine Mary Meads, died in May 1950. Only their daughter Marguerite Shirley (Meads) Schenkelberger (b±1937) survived. Jesse Meads (d1965) was a Provincetown native, the son of Manuel and Mary (Taves) Meads. He served in the Navy in World War I and bought this property in 1930, from which he conducted a heating and plumbing contracting business. Marguerite sold the property in 1985 to Elizabeth Hynes and Elizabeth Malloy. Hynes, who is from Northampton, transformed it into a condo in 2014 and continues to own Unit 1, the main house and nearby studio. The cottage on the parcel, Unit 2, is owned by residents of Pine Meadow, Conn.

Even before it was moved off of Long Point, Samuel Atwood’s house was moved within Long Point. Its original location was designated landmark No. 55 on the map of the Long Point settlement in The Provincetown Book. The second location, far more central to the settlement and the Lobster Plain, was designated No. 42.

John Guess wrote on 7 June 2018: I was born and raised at 12 Atwood, as was my mother (Marguerite Meads) and her 3 siblings, and her father (Jesse Meads) with his 12 siblings. My great-grandparents Manuel and Mary (Taves) Meads bought the house sometime between 1903 and 1910. I have a great deal of info, stories and pictures about my old family home if you might be interested.

The first location of the Stephen Atwood house on Long Point was at No. 55. Then it was moved quite a bit closer to the heart of the settlement, at No. 42. This map is adapted — with some modifications — from one showing the location of inhabitants around 1857. The original was published in The Provincetown Book, by Nancy W. Paine Smith (1922).

[1976, Josephine Del Deo / Massachusetts Historical Commission Inventory, 1973-1977 / Provincetown Public Library]

[2011, Dunlap]

[2011, Dunlap]

12 Atwood Avenue on the Town Map, showing property lines.

Also at this address

Studio (Unit 1).

Cottage (Unit 2).

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