10A Bradford Street

10A Bradford Street Condominium, Cottage

10A Bradford Street, cottage. [2016, Dunlap]

Capt. Manuel Enos (1870-1955) was a son of Provincetown and the “last of the Grand Bankers to go out of this port,” as the Advocate said at the time of his death, when he was counted among the “fast vanishing crew of deep water mariners and able skippers of the day of sails.” In his retirement from the sea, he worked for the Vita Fisheries Company on the Town Wharf and managed the Captain Manuel Enos Station in what is now the main house at No. 10A. The corner cottage was not yet standing.

Enos sold the place in 1946 to John R. Anthony. Steven R. Page of Springfield acquired the property in 1994 for $120,000. He turned it into a four-unit condo the next year: three units in the main house and a 441-square-foot unit in the cottage, which has been owned since 2002 by two Brooklyn residents.

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10A Bradford Street on the Town Map, showing property lines.

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